Serving Those Who Serve.

Shop LOGCAP is a Women-Owned Provider of the Premier Online marketplace for Security-Cleared Products & Services to the Government & Defense Industries and a One-Stop-Shop for Everyday Essentials, Business Products, and Exclusive Services for the Military & Their Families, for Veterans, and for Veteran-Owned Businesses.

We help you find the best products and services at great prices: for your team, for your family, and for your business. 


Savings on Everyday Essentials For Your Family

We are a fully functional e-commerce website with great deals on the things your family purchases every day, with special deals through a network of partners especially for military families, veterans & DOD employees.


Affordable Products & Services for Your BUsiness

Starting up and running a business is a hard task, but we have the network of resources that you need, from the best deals on industrial products to tech partner discounts to highly vetted professional services.


Security-Cleared Products & services For the Military

We offer security-cleared Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) & 1.5 Million FAR/DFAR-Compliant, Mission-Critical Goods and Support Services that can be ordered online &  sent to locations in 130+ Countries.

What is LOGCAP?

LOGCAP: /ˈɛl-ˈoʊ-ˈdʒiː-ˈsiː-ˈeɪ-ˈpiː/ (Arabic: والخدمــات السوقيــة): The Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) is a program administered by the US Army to provide contingency support to augment the Army force structure. The corresponding service organizations for the U.S. Air Force is the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program (AFCAP), and the U.S. Navy has the Navy Global Contingency Construction Contract (GCCC) and the Global Contingency Services Contract (GCSC).

We Simplify The Process.

Shop LOGCAP is a company that provides a professional, fast, user-friendly & technologically advanced means of quickly and efficiently accessing a Team of Security-Cleared Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) & a comprehensive database of 1.5 Million FAR/DFAR-Compliant, Mission-Critical Goods and Support Services that can be easily ordered online & immediately shipped and/or mobilized to our Client locations in 130+ Countries.

For Your Team & Your Family.

We make procurement of supplies & services support a simple, painless process for your business, department, or unit, but we also offer incredible e-commerce deals and exclusive discounts on all the everyday products your family needs as well! You can order right on our site and be sure that you’re going to get the best products at a great price, just for our loyal customers.  

Cleared, Vetted Services

Shop LOGCAP subsidiary US Executive is a Company of US Military & Diplomatic Veteran Experts and other Security-Cleared Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) providing Support Services to US Military, Defense, Government & Allies. We maintain Advanced Degrees & Certifications and have the eagerness and knowledge for successful completion of requirements & projects. We provide the following expert services:


Staffing Solutions

HR Development, Outsourcing & Security-Cleared Special Staffing Services


Engineering & COnstruction

AEC/EPC Support Services  for Project
Architecture & Execution

Expert IT Support

Outsourced  Information Technology Solutions & Services


Risk Management Services

Risk Assessment, Analysis, Management & Mitigation for Projects & Missions


Facilities Support

Global Facilities Management Support
Services & Solutions

Growth & Development

Consulting Support for Business Growth
& Development Services

Educational Services

Professional Education, Technical
Training, Certifications & Licensing

Products & SUpplies

B2B, B2G & B2C Product Sourcing,
Fulfillment & Sales/Support

Expert Logistics

Logistics Support, Express
Delivery, Transportation & Warehousing

Start Your Mission Today

Shop LOGCAP  is a State of Florida LLC Certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) providing “mission-critical” products, services & humanitarian support to the US Government, Defense & Aid Industries. 

 We understand that every service member needs to maintain 100% readiness for mission-success. Since readiness & preparedness equals Success, Shop LOGCAP developed a “battle-tested,” proprietary system faster & safer than any other company providing Procurement, Logistics & other Support Services. Our goal is to provide these requirements in the easiest way possible with technology plus the Subject Matter Expertise gained by our team over 20+ years of real-world experience in the field & in some of the most dangerous places in the world.

We are registered with each US Federal, State & Local Government Agency/Department to provide EXPERT support services & FAR/DFAR Products required for their Mission Success.  We also support Allied Governments & maintains relationships in 130+ countries through Local Agents, the US Depts. of Defense & State, the US Commercial ServiceEXPORT.GOV, and  local subcontractors & suppliers.  Shop LOGCAP is registered with most Fortune 500 Companies, the Tech 100ENR TOPS, the Top 100 US Government Contractors, many Aid & Relief Agencies, the UNNATO, World, and other Development Banks. 

When requiring On/Off-Shore Local Support, Shop LOGCAP team members & partners have boots on the ground and are EXPERTS in local laws, languages, cultures, governments & other available resources (including Local Manpower) and are embedded with the Local Business Communities. Let us know what you need and our Team will deliver – let us be your Global Business Concierge Service supporting your Team Members & Projects.

Our EXPERTS quickly & efficiently accumulate to Projects, Teams & the Client requirements, reducing downtime & additional supervision and we would like to also work together with your Company. No matter what stage of a project that you are in, teaming with Shop LOGCAP  & its Subsidiaries will substantially improve your overall Project Operations/Outcomes while also saving you a substantial amount of time & money.